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< Cross-Origin Resource Sharing /> Before Jan 2014 AJAX requests across domains were not possible When W3C added CORS as a recommendation. As name defines it helps in sharing resources, data across interdomain. To let Cross-origin request work, we need to pass headers with Access-Control-Allow-Origin in a request and it will help in resolving its response for […]

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React setState callback function

setState in React is a function. It is accessible within the component and updates the state which then triggers the render-ing of the component with the updated state data. However, React setState does not ensure re-rendering immediately as it is called, resulting in the rendering of data with previous state data. we can think of setState as […]

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Introduction to blockchain

This blog post will act as an prelude to our smart contracts & dapps development series. In the blog we will try to first understand what is a blockchain, how it works and specifically focus on bitcoin/ethereum. Its required to have good understanding on core concepts to do development on the platform. Blockchain Blockchain is […]