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Vue Js Instant Prototyping | Test your Vue components in no time

What is Prototyping? A prototype is an example that serves as a basis for future product like an application etc. Prototyping gives developers an opportunity to research new alternatives and test the existing design / functionality to confirm a product’s all over functionality prior to production. A prototype has many benefits, such as the developer […]

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Vue 3 Composition API- What You Should Know

Overview Vuejs composition API is a uniquely designed progressive library that is built on top of JavaScript. This powerful library makes coding easier as it is specially configured to make codes shorter, organised, more readable, approachable etc. For people who have used this powerful tool, you’ll agree that it works pretty well especially looking at […]

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VueJS Router Code Splitting

Code splitting is quite an interesting concept and can be used with vue router easily. PS: This an advanced topic, so its important to have a good understanding of vue-router before reading this. Let’s first understand what is the use of code splitting. If we have large project with lot of components and we build […]