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GraphQL Fragments

Fragments is also a very important concept in GraphQL. This is used to group re-usable code together. To get a basic understanding about this, read the below blog post its very simple and easy to understand https://medium.com/graphql-mastery/graphql-fragments-and-how-to-use-them-8ee30b44f59e Let’s see how we can us it in our todo application. In our app all queries, mutations are […]

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GraphQL Subscription

Subscription is another type of in GraphQL. This is use real time events using websockets, you can send notification to client for events which happen on the server using web sockets. It you are not aware what are websockets, you can find plenty of resources online. Let’s see how to implement subscription in our code […]

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GraphQL Apollo Server

Till now we have been using a simple graphql-express middleware as a gql server. https://github.com/apollographql/apollo-server  Apollo-Server provides a full feature gql server which is production ready and should be used for most applications. Let’s move our code base to apollo-server First install via Also we don’t need graphql-tools anymore as it is inbuilt in apollo-server […]

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GraphQL Mutations

Till now we have only seen how to fetch data and gone quite deep into it. Now let’s see the how we can update data i.e POST, PUT, DELETE requests We need to use mutations for it. Mutation also follow exact similar pattern as Query. Let’s define a mutation to add a new profile data […]

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GraphQL Queries Part2

This in after previous blog post, lets see more usage of GQL queries Step1 In the previous blog post, we had structured our queries to return a hard coded response. In this post, we will assume we have two objects for “user” and “address” almost similar to a database structure like mysql and we have […]

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GraphQL Express JS Getting Started Part1

In this blog post we will start using graphql using expressjs. I have been working with REST API’s for a very long time so, these blog posts would be learning graphql but in context of rest api as well. To start of, do the following https://graphql.github.io/graphql-js/ https://graphql.github.io/graphql-js/running-an-express-graphql-server/ After the first step is done, you should […]

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GraphQL Basic Concepts

In this blog we will try to understand the basic concepts of GraphQL. Make sure to read my previous blog as this is in continuation of that. Endpoint First basic thing to understand is that, GraphQL run on a single endpoint, as opposed to rest api’s have multiple rest api’s url. So all graphql queries, […]