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React Hooks Basics

Hooks are upcoming features in React and are currently available in version 16.7.0-alpha.2. The hook can be used by installing the above version.  So, what are Hooks? Hooks let you use React features without writing classes, they are functions that let you ‘hook into’ React state and life cycles from the functional component. Note : […]

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React Portals

Portals is a feature which was added in React 16. It lets you render children into DOM node outside of the parent component. How to create Portal? where child can be any renderable React element such as fragment, strings or elements and domNode is DOM element. What can we do with Portals? We can make […]

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React Component Types

React has many different types of components and all provide different kind of use cases and performance optmizations. In this post we will see different types of components in brief and which component to use when Basic Component  These are the default component of react which we use always, this has the all the react […]