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Firebase for building a Web App: A worthy platform

It’s always a big question for developers that what will be the best and the most convenient platform to work upon. Let’s start with the introduction, Firebase is a web application and mobile development platform initially developed by Firebase Inc. in the year 2011. Later it was acquired by the internetcrocs sneakers womens адаптер за камери air max shoes new balance unterpronation cetaphil dermacontrol detergente custom basketball jerseys lampadina freccia con cicalino yeezy boost 350 v2 custom baseball jerseys alu rechteckrohr eloxiert amazon levis 514 38×32 agyváltós fitness kerékpár adidas predator 18.3 calzino si o no yahoo nike sb bruin max vapor baskets en cuir custom baseball jerseys giant Google Inc. in the year 2014. A wide range of products (more than 19) is used by millions of developers and people across the world.

Firebase Real-time database is cloud hosted NoSQL DB. It helps to store and sync data between the users in real-time. Firebase is BaaS (Backend as a service). In short, we can say that Firebase is real time database. The data collected is stored as JSON files and supports real time changes at the client side. Firebase manages the server and lets the developer free to use their creativity for designing a better user interface. Now the confusion arises for developers whether to use API or Firebase for creating the best user experienced web applications.

New reports claim that users are spending more time on the app than the web. Hence this creates a golden opportunity for a development platform to increase its market reach. A web application made through API executes most of the features through API calls. API centric web application runs on any platform.

  • Web applications build through APIs have their limitations too.
  • Use of uniform interface
  • Client server based infrastructure
  • Complex layered architecture

Choosing between API and Firebase depends on developer’s requirement. Firebase comes with their own advantages such as

  • Cloud Functions
  • Machine learning facilities
  • Real-time database
  • Performance monitoring
  • Authentication

Firebase is ready made solution for enhancing user experience. Features such as real time chat increase user satisfaction and reduces response time. Security is another function firebase have. Since it is owned by Google security measures are taken care of by the internet giant.

Developers can easily store and sync data in real time. Firebase uses a Crash report for a detailed analysis of various errors in the app. Errors are grouped into the same cluster of same stack traces. Firebase comes with many more advantages. Developers can log custom events to trace steps that are causing a crash. Firebase uses Crashlytics for crash reporting.

Firebase provides insights that covers various user experiences. Firebase test labs provide cloud based infrastructure for testing iOS and Android apps. Developers can test across many platforms and configuration.

Firebase Dynamic Links enables smart URLs that change dynamically accordingly to provide the best user experience. They work on various operating systems, apps.

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